5 Hot Master Bathroom Ideas And Designs In Atlanta

Discover What Your Neighbors Are Using To Get The Bathrooms They’ve Always Wanted

Newly remodeled bathroom

Some of the hottest master bathroom ideas and designs in Atlanta include putting the shower and bathtub in the same wetroom area.

Find out the others below-

A True Escape Room

“You want to go to an Escape Room?” asks Will slowly.

Jessica lets out a sad laugh. “Kind of, actually. But what I really want is to use some of these master bathroom ideas to create a life escape room.”

Will smiles. “That’s quite the way to word it. I understand, though, especially now that life’s gotten more stressful and uncertain. Escaping into an amazingly designed master bathroom would be nice.”

Jessica smiles back. “Here, look at some of the ideas I found. Maybe they’ll be enough to convince you to do some remodeling.” Will looks doubtful. “Maybe if the ROI on remodels is good enough.”

Here’s what she shows Will:

Master Bathroom Ideas And Designs

5 of the hottest master bathroom ideas and design trends are partially tiling walls, freestanding bathtubs, integrated lighting, shower-bathtub wetrooms, and shower niches. Your bathroom will not only look amazing but you’ll love how much better it works for you

1. Partially Tiling Walls In Non-Wet Areas

Tiling up parts of the walls that don’t get wet is a new bathroom trend. It can provide a more uniform look for your bathroom. People enjoy the tile look and the more of it the better. It doesn’t have to cover half the wall either. It can just come up to a picture rail or chair rail.

2. Freestanding Tubs

Modern bathroom remodel

These are making a comeback in Atlanta. Freestanding tubs gave way to shower-tub combinations. Now they’re separating again, which shows that some things never go out of style.

3. Integrated Lighting

Master bathroom after

Integrated lighting means the bulbs are a part of the object itself. For example, light coming from the edges of the mirror. This gets rid of any weird shadows or lighting, letting you get a better view of that awesome person in the mirror.


4. Shower-Bathtub Wetrooms

This master bathroom design is like making your shower big enough for a bathtub! It’s very helpful when it comes to containing the water in one area. This trend also just looks great.

5. Shower Niches

These are super helpful for showering. Shower niches can hold your products like shampoo, soap, and more. No more littering the sides or floor with your products!

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“Lighting around the mirrors is a really good idea, I like it the best,” says Will. Jessica looks up at him with a mischievous smile. “Why don’t we just remodel the whole thing?” she suggests. “I’m sure this blog can give us more information so we can see if it’s possible!”