Before Remodeling My Master Bathroom, What’s Best For Me To Know?

These Are Some Of The Top Things Homeowners In Atlanta Want To Know Before Remodeling Their Master Bathroom

Knowing what to do with your master bathroom can help you create the best one for you!

In this post, you can find out:

  • What a master bathroom is
  • The best master bathroom layout
  • Good master bathroom sizes
  • Master bathroom must haves
  • Master bathroom trends and ideas
  • How to light your master bathroom
  • The best flooring type for master bathrooms
  • The best bathroom countertops

We Know The Cost, Now What?

“What do we do now that we know cost ranges for master bathroom remodels?” asks Will.

Jessica frowns in thought, twirling a lock of hair. “Great question. I’d say we need to think about what we want and need in it. Stuff like size, layout, best materials, essentials, and more.”

Will nods. “That sounds like a good next step to me.” He looks down at his phone and starts scrolling through the home remodeling contractor’s blog he’s on.

“Do you see anything like that on there?” asks Jessica. Will suddenly straightens up. “Sure do, and it’s almost exactly what we’re looking for.” He turns the phone so she can see too.

Here’s what the couple discovers:

What Is A Master Bathroom?

Master bathroom with rain shower and picture window

A master bathroom has two sinks, a large shower, a toilet, and can have a bathtub. The sinks can be connected or be their own separate vanity. It’s usually a part of the largest bedroom, also known as the master bedroom. These bathrooms are usually the largest bathroom too.

Besides what a master bathroom is, there are also full and half-bathrooms.

The Best Master Bathroom Layout

Master bathroom after remodeling

For modern homes, the best layout for master bathrooms has a wetroom, a single vanity with two sinks, and a toilet in a cut-off area.

There’s more to bathroom layouts than just this.

What Is A Good Size Master Bathroom?

Modern master bathroom with skylight

A good size master bathroom is usually between 150 and 160 square feet. Smaller-sized master bathrooms are between 60 and 70 square feet.

When looking into good sizes for master bathrooms, people also want to know when to consider when it comes to the best size for them.

Master Bathroom Must Haves

1. Shower Niche

New shower with niche

Shower niches keep your toiletries in a better spot than the ground or sides of a tub.

2. Mirror Lighting

Master bathroom after remodel

It can be hard to get an accurate gauge of how you look when you have shadows on your face.

Mirror lighting can help get rid of this, making it one of the best master bathrooms must haves!

3. Floating Vanities

Newly remodeled bathroom with floating vanity

With floating vanities, your feet will have all the room they need. No toe-stubbing, either. Plus, they look more modern and elegant than other vanity types.

There are 8 other master bathroom must haves you’ll love!

Master Bathroom Ideas And Designs

1. Freestanding Tubs

Modern bathroom remodel

Freestanding tubs gave way to shower-tub combinations. Now they’re separating again, which shows that some things never go out of style.

2. Shower-Bathtub Wetrooms

This master bathroom design is like making your shower big enough for a bathtub!

You just might fall in love with the other 3 master bathroom trends.

How To Light Your Bathroom

Mirror with strip lighting on the face and recessed lights

The 3 main ways to light your bathroom are natural lightceiling lights, and wall lighting. There are multiple ways to add lighting to your bathroom in each category.

Natural Lighting

Natural light is also great because of how it resonates with people. Sunlight makes people happier. When we don’t have it we get sad (seasonal depression anyone?). A little serotonin boost is a great way to start any morning!

Ceiling And Wall Lighting

Ceiling lights are either in or hanging from the ceiling. They’re excellent for brightening entire rooms.

Wall lights stick out from the wall. They’re ideal if you’re wondering how to add more light to a bathroom.

You can uncover 8 ways to light your bathroom to make it best for you.

The Best Flooring For Master Bathrooms

Master bathroom with chandelier and tile flooring

The best type of flooring for master bathrooms is tile. Tile floors are durable, water-resistant, and highly customizable. Porcelain tile is better for master bathrooms than ceramic.

You can find the pros and cons of the best flooring for bathrooms and decide which (if either) you want.

What Type Of Countertop Is Best For Bathrooms

Closeup of bathroom counter in newly remodeled bathroom

The best type of countertops for bathrooms is granite. It’s quite durable, especially when it comes to resisting water and stains.

There’s more to know about bathroom countertops besides this!

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“Looks like we have a lot of ground to cover,” says Jessica with a big smile. Will nods. “Yep, and it’ll be worth it too once we get a master bathroom that looks like this. Let’s dig deeper into this blog!”