This Is The Best Flooring Type To Put In Master Bathrooms

Our Clients Around Atlanta, Georgia Bring All The Benefits of This Flooring To Their Bathrooms

Bathroom with tile flooring

Using the best of anything is a great idea! You might pay more but the benefits make it worth the higher price.

In this post, you can find out what the best flooring type for master bathrooms is. You can also discover which subtype is the best and some pros and cons.

Let’s Start Now

“The time has come,” whispers Jessica.

Will jumps a bit as he turns. “Jessica! I told you to stop that,” he says, frowning as Jessica giggles. “But your frown is hilarious,” she says between laughs.

“Yeah, yeah,” Will rolls his eyes. “Ok, time for what?” Jessica stops giggling. “It’s time to start planning our master bathroom remodel. We agreed to start looking up stuff today. Now, we need to start with ‘what is the best type of flooring for bathrooms’ and go from there”

Will nods. “I sure did. Okay, let’s start Googling! You start with this and I’ll start with bathroom remodeling costs. After we move to the couch,” he suggests. Jessica nods and the couple sits down and starts looking.

Here’s what they find out:

The Best Flooring For Master Bathrooms

Master bathroom with chandelier and tile flooring

The best type of flooring for master bathrooms is tile. Tile floors are durable, water-resistant, and highly customizable. As for price, they’re mid-range to higher depending on the type of tile you choose. Porcelain tile is better for master bathrooms than ceramic.

What Is Ceramic And Porcelain Tile?

You make ceramic tiles by mixing sand, water, and clay. Then you heat them in a kiln until they harden.

Porcelain is a subtype of ceramic. The differences are the clay you use is denser and it needs a hotter kiln to harden. This gives it slightly different properties than ceramic.

Pros And Cons Of Tile For Master Bathroom Floors


Tile is quite durable. It doesn’t chip or otherwise damage very easily so it’ll last you a while.

Tile is pretty water-resistant too. Moisture won’t get through it and damage the subfloor or the tile.

Highly customizable. You can even make it look like wood or natural stone. You can also ask for non-slip tile, which has a textured surface to reduce slipperiness.


Mid-range to higher price points compared to other types of bathroom flooring.

Can be slippery unless you get non-slip tile (or put something over it like non-slip rugs).

Ceramic tile can chip if something heavy falls on it.

Why Porcelain Is The Better Flooring Type For Master Bathrooms

Porcelain tiles are better for bathroom floors than ceramic tiles because they:

  • Have a higher water-resistancy
  • Are more durable
  • Look the same beneath the top layer, which means chips are harder to see

The only potential issue is the cost. 

Porcelain can have a higher cost than ceramic tile and other flooring types. This is because porcelain is harder to make and work with. This means higher labor costs factor into the price. It also needs special tools to cut.

Other Master Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Bathroom with a different flooring type
  • Waterproof luxury vinyl plank
  • Natural stone
  • Laminate
  • Engineered wood

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“Tile does seem like a good idea,” Jessica muses. Will nods. “True, and speaking of ideas, let’s see if this blog has any more we can use.”