The Cost To Build A Deck You’ll Love From Wood Or Composite Materials

This Is How Much People In Atlanta Are Investing To Create A Beautiful New Place To Make Memories That’ll Last A Lifetime

Fully furnished deck

Decks are an amazing home addition, but nobody really seems to know how much they cost when they call us. That’s why we’re so glad you’re here trying to find out!

In this post, you’ll find out the cost to build wood decks and the cost to build composite decks. You’ll also discover some of the main reasons the price varies.

A Whole New Space

“What do you mean you want a whole new space for our home?” asks Will.

Jessica smiles, eyes shining. “We should get a deck! It’s perfect for parties, family dinners, date night, and just being on for a relaxing moment alone.”

Will let’s out a low whistle. “That’s quite the picture you’re painting. How much does it cost to build a backyard deck?”

“Aaah, well, that I’m not so sure on,” mumbles Jessica. Will laughs. “Sorry, this is just classic you,” he says, giving her a hug. “Let’s look it up on Google,” he says, pulling his phone out.

Here’s what the couple finds out:

The Cost To Build A Deck

Treated deck with bench

The cost to build a deck ranges from $30,000 to $48,000 and higher. A basic deck costs $30,000, the cost to build an average deck is $45,000, and high-end decks start at $48,000. The cost mostly depends on the material choice, size, finish choice, the level of work needed, accessibility, coverings, and upgrades.

For example:

  • A basic 400 square foot deck made of pressure-treated pine wood is around $30,000
  • A high-end 400 square foot deck with Brazilian wood, composite decking, metal railings, and stainless steel cables will be about $48,000

The Main Factors That Change Deck Building Costs

Smaller second story deck

Material choice. The higher-end woods and composite look more beautiful and tend to be more durable. This also includes the type of railing you choose, whether it’s stainless steel cable, metal, or wood. If you get a covering and want to screen in your deck, you can choose between different screen materials like aluminum.

Size. Larger decks take more materials, time, and labor. This is especially true if you want your deck on the second story or higher. Smaller decks can usually be done more quickly.

Finish choice. Stains and paints have different costs and different looks. For this, we believe it’s worth the price difference to get a look you’ll love for your deck.

Level of work. The more you have us do the more time and labor it’ll take (and maybe materials).

Accessibility. Moving materials and equipment isn’t easy. If we have to carry everything or use wheelbarrows and dollys, that’s way more work and time for our team. We need to compensate them for this. If we can use machines it’ll be done way more quickly.

Coverings. You can choose to have us build a full or partial covering for your deck. It blocks the sunlight and the rain (and there isn’t much like sitting on your deck listening to soothing rainfall).

Upgrades. You can have us install a gas line for your grill, lights for the railing, stair lights, and more!

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“Oooo, now we need to talk about what material we want, and size, and…” Will interrupts Jessica with another laugh. “Let’s poke around this blog and see if they have the answers to all your questions.”

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