The Cost To Remodel A Kitchen So You'll Love It Again

This Is How Much People In Atlanta Are Investing To Get Their Dream Kitchen

The cost to remodel a kitchen is worth it when it turns out looking like this

We don’t want anyone to get sticker shock when a contractor brings up the cost for a project. We want you to know as much as possible before starting!

In this post, you’ll discover the cost for kitchen remodels from simple to complex. You’ll see an example remodel with the cost. You can also find some of the main factors that change the cost.

We Need Something New

“We do? Is that why you’re looking at pictures of kitchens?” asks Will.

Jessica sighs and nods. “Yes, it is. Our kitchen is outdated. I mean, we haven’t touched it since we moved in however long ago that was.”

Will crosses his arms and frowns. “What do you mean?” Jessica asks. “Well, what if we started considering remodeling our kitchen? Will frowns and nods “Well, we could at least look at how much it costs to remodel a kitchen,” Will suggests.

Jessica gasps. “Really?! That’s so great, I’m going to start looking right now. Then we can look at kitchen remodeling ideas.”

Jessica starts typing furiously to find kitchen remodel costs for the Atlanta area. Will walks over and sits next to her so he can look too.

Here’s what the couple finds:

The Cost To Remodel A Kitchen In Atlanta

Newly remodeled kitchen in Atlanta

Kitchen remodeling costs can range from $35,000 to $120,000 and higher. The average cost to remodel a kitchen is between $52,000 and $69,000. It depends on factors like job complexity, material selection, and the condition of the kitchen.

More Specific Kitchen Remodeling Costs

  • Simple: $35,000 to $50,000
  • Average cost: $52,000 to $69,000
  • Complex: $85,000 to $120,000

Example Of A Kitchen Remodel With Cost

The cost to remodel this kitchen was 49000

As an example, the kitchen above cost about $49,000 to remodel.

The Possible ROI For Kitchen Remodels

A great thing to keep in mind is that this is an investment, not an expense. The ROI for kitchen remodels can return up to 69% of their cost if you decide to sell your home.

The Main Factors That Can Change The Cost

Standard size kitchen remodeled

Job complexity. The harder it is to work in your kitchen and the more you want to be done, the higher the cost will be. Tearing down walls for an open-concept kitchen is a lot more than redoing the cabinets. This can even include freshening the paint vs putting on a new color.

Size. Larger kitchens tend to cost more. They take more materials, time, and labor to remodel. Smaller ones can be pricey depending on the materials you choose.

Age. Older kitchens may need a lot more work depending on your vision. The electrical and piping elements may need reworking if you decide to get new appliances or lights. Older kitchens can need serious updating during a remodel.

Damages. When remodeling a space it isn’t uncommon to find damage that needs fixing. It can be wood rot, water damage, mold, or one of the many other types of damages. They all need fixing before moving forward.

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“So now we can move forward!” says Jessica excitedly. “Hold on now. I hate to slow your roll, but let’s do some more digging before we commit,” suggests Will.