How Much It Costs To Remodel Or Add A Master Bathroom In Atlanta

This Is How Much People Are Investing To Have A Master Bathroom They Love

Newly remodeled master bathroom with large shower and tub in the shower

The cost to remodel a master bathroom starts at around $25,000. It mostly depends on factors like how many fixtures are being remodeled.

Find the cost ranges and more below-

Why’s It Always Come Back To Cost

“Because that’s what’s most important, right?” asks Will.

Jessica sighs sadly. “I guess you’re right, but isn’t there more to life than money? I feel like we should do some things to help us enjoy life more, even if the cost for a master bathroom is high.”

Will sighs too. “Maybe you’re right.” Jessica quickly sits up. “Really?” Will nods. “Maybe it is time for us to change something around here. Get something new and fresh. We do need to know about master bathroom remodeling costs first. And see about the ROI for remodels.”

Jessica gets her phone out. “Here, I already found a local contractor who has a pricing blog post. Here, check it out,” she says, handing him the phone.

Here’s what he finds out:

Master Bathroom Remodeling Costs

Hot master bathroom design

The cost to remodel a master bathroom ranges from about $25,000 to $50,000 and higher. This is for a high-quality remodel. The price changes depending on the number of fixtures, job complexity, size, damages, and how much you want to remodel.

Easier, more budgeted remodels start around $25,000.

Average remodels (with a bathtub) are usually between $30,000 and $35,000.

Harder, higher-end remodels start around $45,000 to $50,000 and go up from there.

Master Bathroom Addition Costs

Master bathroom after remodel

Doing a master bathroom as an addition is a whole other beast of a project. You’ll need a whole new structure built along with the bathroom. An average master bathroom will be about $40,000. Everything else can be around $80,000. The price changes based on certain factors.

The Main Reasons The Cost Changes

Master bathroom with rain shower and picture window

The number of fixtures. The more fixtures you have the more there is to remodel. Most master bathrooms have two sinks, a bathtub, a larger shower, and a toilet. The more there is to work with the higher the cost to remodel a master bathroom will be.

Job complexity. This can involve relocating the shower, making the shower bigger, building in a bathtub, adding lighting, and more. If it takes more work it’ll cost more.

Size. Larger bathrooms tend to cost more than smaller ones. They take more time and materials to finish. Smaller ones can get expensive depending on the materials you choose.

Master bathroom with chandelier

Damages. If we find damages we’ll let you know. It’s better to fix them before we continue remodeling. Damages get worse and costlier to fix over time. We don’t want you to have to deal with that.

How much do you want to remodel? Just doing one section will cost a lot less than doing more or the whole bathroom. Some people do it in sections to budget it out.

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“Wow, I feel pretty prepared to hear what the cost for ours will be,” says Will. Jessica smiles. “Let’s prepare more! I’m sure this blog has more information on and stuff on bathrooms.”