Deck Repair and New Deck Construction

An affordable expansion that lets you leverage every inch of your home

Over 35 decks created, repaired, or remodeled

Improve Your Connection To The Outdoors

If your deck is falling apart, boards are popping out, or the railing is loose, it’s time to promote your deck to the rank it deserves.

Methods and materials for creating quality decks have vastly improved in the last 10 years. We’ve also seen pressure treated wood and Brazilian wood rise in popularity because they can last more than 40 years with little to no maintenance.

It’s time to remove those worries about your deteriorating deck being unstable, hazardous, and unsightly and turn it into a place that you get excited to visit on warm Atlanta days.

Happy clients are the driving force behind any business. We cherish and trust ours so much that we’ll let their words speak for us.

Jill rated us



for a complex project including deck and porch work

“I hired EV to rebuild the main level of my home and add a master bath addition off the second story.

This included:

– the list goes on.

EV did the work on time, on budget and when there were change orders – they were billed fairly.

This was the best professional contractor experience I have had.

I truly could not have completed this project without EV.”

A Process That's Worry Free And Done Right Alongside You

1. It starts with a friendly call
We'll talk about your project and schedule an in-house consultation to go over specifics.
2. We design your vision
We'll work together with an architect of your choice and design your vision as a team.
3. We get to work on your project
We transpose the digital into reality and get to work building your space.
4. Enjoy living your vision
After we do a post-job walkthrough together, you'll be able to revel in the experience of having the home of your dreams.

Quickly Increase The Value And Beauty Of Your Home

In the contracting world, “hidden costs” can create a poor experience for any customer. That’s why at EV Remodeling, we’re committed to being transparent and upfront on our prices. We’re confident and guarantee that you’ll get the highest value for what you pay.

All jobs require an architect and permits, and some utilize the professional help of additional designers.

Things like this, plus the type of materials used, the level of work needed, and the extent of the repair, can all change the overall price.

Basic deck pricing for a 400 sq ft deck made of pressure-treated pine wood will be about $30k.

On the other hand, using higher-end materials and features like Brazilian wood, composite decking, metal railings, and stainless steel cables will be about $48k. The price to add a screened-in porch is an extra $15k for any of the options presented.

Please send in a quote request below for an estimate specific to your project.

Base Deck



Average Deck



High-End Deck




Porch Add-on


Experience our Work

Clients Rave about Our Services

Ronald McGuire rated us


for master & hall bathroom remodeling


“My experience with EV Remodeling was smooth and truly exciting.

Eli and his crew will make sure you are completely satisfied with every detail of your project.

The end result was beyond my expectations.

Not knowing exactly what I wanted, Eli introduced ideas that I had not thought of. Eli was a pleasure to work with and look forward to my future projects with EV Remodeling.

Without hesitation, I trust and would highly recommend EV Remodeling.”

Ozzie-Reese rated us


for remodeling project


Very good experience with EV Remodeling.

Owner Eli was very reliable and accurate in his estimates.

All work was completed on-time and in great quality.

Highly recommended for any remodeling project.”

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