This Full House Remodel Before And After In Atlanta Will Blow Your Mind

See What Happens When We Take A House In Atlanta From More Traditional To Modern

Living room after renovation

You can see the full house remodel before and after of this home in Atlanta. You will want to schedule a consultation after.

See the pictures below-

Everything Must Go

“Wait, you want to do a full house remodel?!” says Will in surprise.

Jessica nods. “Yes. But not all at once, that’d be a lot of time and money.” Will sighs in relief. “But,” Jessica continues, “we need to use the same contractor for the whole house or it won’t look uniform. We need someone who can remodel an entire house.”

Will frowns in thought. “That’s pretty smart. I guess we should look for full house remodel before and after pictures and projects online. If we can find something we like we can discuss hiring them.”

“That’s a great idea too! Look at us, what a great team,” Jessica smiles “We should probably look into the costs to remodel rooms too, like the cost to remodel a kitchen.” She and Will pick up their phones and start searching.

“Wow, this one’s mind-blowing! The house has a totally different look and feel, here check it out,” says Jessica, handing the phone to Will.

Here is what the couple sees:

The Full House Remodel In Atlanta

This full house remodel before and after is in the Peachtree Corners area of Atlanta. Everything from the exterior of the house to each room in the interior is different. The house goes from an older style to a more sleek and modern style.

Here’s a quick video of the entire house after the remodel:

The Before And After Pictures

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“This full house remodel before and after is incredible!” gasps Jessica. “Their house is barely recognizable.” Will smiles excitedly. “Let’s see what else we can find on their blog. They might be the ones.”