A Few Of The Best Home Addition Contractors In Atlanta

If We Aren’t The Right Fit For You Then One Of These Contractors Might Be

Home addition contractors in Atlanta built this

These home addition contractors in Atlanta can do just as good of a job as we can when it comes to building onto your home.

Find out who they are in the post below-

Better Start Now

“So, we’re agreed?!”

Jessica smiles and nods as Will thrusts his hand into the air victoriously. “Home addition, here we come!” Jessica’s smile freezes and then fades away.

Will pauses when he sees this. “What’s wrong, hon?” he asks slowly. Jessica takes a deep breath. “We have to find someone trustworthy that can bring our vision to life. It might be a long, difficult process.”

“Well, we better start now then!” Will says with determination. He whips out his phone and gets on Google to start looking for home addition contractors in Atlanta. Jessica gets hers out and starts looking up the costs for home additions.

“Will, check this out. I found a contractor’s website that has their recommendations for if you don’t end up working with them! Here, take a look:”

Home Addition Contractors In Atlanta

3 other home addition contractors in Atlanta that do a great job are Atlanta Design and Build, Silver Oak, and Phillips-Collins. They are known to do good work and provide a great customer experience.

Another home addition

Atlanta Design and Build

This home addition contractor brings the “we can do it!” attitude to every project. It’s one of the reasons they’ve managed to stay on their A-game.

Silver Oak

Silver Oak will be with you from when you’re just exploring your options all the way through the end of the construction phase. They are a design and build company.


This is a great team of home addition contractors. They’ll do their best to work with you, your ideas, and your budget.

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“What do you think?” Jessica asks. “I think we should look into these 3 and this contractor whose website we’re on,” Will responds. “Let’s see what else we can find on here.”