This Is How Much Home Additions Should Cost In Atlanta

Find Out How Much People Are Investing With Home Additions

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The average cost of a home addition is about $120,000 if it’s crafted well. It depends on factors like the type of home addition and terrain.

You can see more specific cost ranges and learn about the cost factors below-

Which Will It Be?

“Now that we’ve decided to get one, which will it be?” asks Will.

Jessica purses her lips in thought. “Patio…deck…outdoor living space…I just don’t know, there are too many options!”

Will nods. “You’re right, there’s a lot we can do. How about we break it down by how much home additions cost and go from there?” Jessica nods. “That sounds like a good place to start. Here, let’s look it up on Google. We’ll need to search for home addition contractors in Atlanta, too.”

The couple gets out their phones and starts searching. After a while, here is what the couple finds on home addition costs in Atlanta.

Home Addition Costs In Atlanta

The cost of a home addition can range from $45,000 to $250,000 and higher. The cost per square foot is about $110 to $150. It depends on factors like the type of home addition, size, complexity, and materials.

Lower cost home additions usually fall in the range of $45,000 to $135,000. On the higher end, it’s about $140,000 to $250,000. The average cost of a home addition is about $120,000.

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The Cost Factors Explained

The type of home addition changes everything. Wooden decks vs stone patios vs entire outdoor living room, all have different materials, building processes, labor needs, and costs.

The bigger they are, the more of an investment they are. It takes more materials, time, and labor to build larger home additions.

Along with that, the more complex the project is the more the home addition will cost. It could be the actual addition has a lot of parts to it. Perhaps the ground needs evening or there’s electrical and pipework beneath the surface. There are many things that can make a project harder to do.

The cost of a home addition will change based on your material choices. Some woods and stones are more expensive than others, either because they’re more durable or more rare.

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“So that’s how much they can cost, huh? Sounds good to me,” says Will. “While we’re here, let’s see if we can learn more about home additions!” Jessica suggests.