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Adding an extension to your home brings a wealth of benefits. It not only increases your living space but also boosts property value.

Whether it’s an extra bedroom, a sunroom, or a new kitchen, it caters to your evolving needs and lifestyle. This versatile upgrade offers room for growing families, new hobbies, or even rental income.

It can transform your house into your dream home, tailored to your preferences.

With careful planning, it seamlessly blends into the existing structure, enhancing curb appeal and modernizing your entire property.

A home addition is an investment that not only enhances daily living but also secures a brighter future.

Featured Client Story

Happy clients are the driving force behind any business. We cherish and trust ours so much that we’ll let their words speak for us.

Kurt Beer



Hear from this homeowner about the major remodel of his 1970’s Dunwoody, GA ranch home

“I can’t say enough good things about Eli! This was a big project and everything went through very methodically.”

The transformation of Kurt’s home was nothing short of extraordinary. The project encompassed an extensive scope of work, including the installation of hardwood floors on the main level and laminate in the basement, a stunning new kitchen, and a luxurious master bath. Walls were removed, and ceilings adorned with recessed lighting, creating an open, inviting atmosphere. The entire fireplace was dismantled, replaced by a modern aesthetic, and 24 new dual-pane windows flooded the space with natural light.

"After watching what my neighbors just went through, I can save you the trouble, HIRE ELI!! He is extremely knowledgeable and gets the job done right."

With meticulous planning, the project was executed seamlessly over three and a half months, a testament to Eli’s methodical approach. Unlike Kurt’s neighbors, who endured a six-month project, EV Remodeling workers were consistently present, ensuring progress at every stage. Post-completion, any minor adjustments were promptly addressed, underlining Eli’s commitment to client satisfaction.

In choosing EV Remodeling, Kurt not only gained a beautifully renovated home but also the assurance of a knowledgeable, reliable partner in their remodeling journey.

The stories behind our success – real words from real clients sharing their experiences and the magic that happens when dreams meet dedication.

The EV Remodeling Process

Four easy steps designed with you in mind and to make your whole home remodel worry-free.

1. Start With A Call
We'll talk about your project and schedule an in-house consultation to go over specifics.
2. Design Your Vision
We'll work together with an architect of your choice and design your vision as a team.
3. Start Your Project
We transpose the digital into reality and get to work building your space.
4. Live Your Vision
After we do a post-job walkthrough together, you'll be able to revel in the experience of having the home of your dreams.

Home Addition Pricing

Large projects can get overwhelming fast. That’s why we focus on making the whole process transparent and clear upfront. This removes any headaches and prevents potential setbacks down the road.

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Bart rated us


for main level and master bath addition project


“Job included moving a kitchen, adding a laundry, load bearing walls removed, a new 10′ exterior sliding door, a deck, a porch to support the addition, new brickwork that is impossible to discern where the old ends and the new begins – the list goes on. 

EV did the work on time, on budget and when there were change orders – they were billed fairly.

This was the best professional contractor experience I have had. I truly could not have completed this project without EV.”

Pilar rated us


for home addition and remodeling project


“From the first time I spoke with Eli on the phone, I knew we had found the best person for our project

The kitchen, bathrooms and family room he built for us are exactly what we wanted

Eli understood exactly what we had in mind and worked hard to make sure everything met our quality standards and stayed within our budget

He got the style we were going for and brought great ideas to us to make it a reality. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Eli for our next project.”

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