This Is How Long A Bathroom Remodel Takes To Complete In Atlanta

Learn The Bathroom Remodel Timeline For High-Quality Work In Atlanta

New bathroom done on a normal bathroom remodeling timeline

The length of time a bathroom remodel takes is usually between 3 and 6 weeks. It depends on the size of the bathroom and the complexity.

Find a more specific breakdown below-

Will It Be Done In Time?!

“How long does a bathroom remodel take?” asks Jessica.

Will scratches his head. “I don’t know, I’d guess bathroom remodel timelines change based on the project.”

Jessica sighs. “Well, will it be done in time for the holidays? It’d be really nice for our guests to use a bathroom that has some of the popular bathroom trends and ideas we’ve been seeing. Especially my mother…”

Will chuckles. “You got that right. Here, why don’t we look up how long it can take? Then we can have a better idea. We might be able to get on a schedule that can work with our time frame.”

Jessica claps happily and pulls out her phone. She starts searching for answers on Google.

Here is what she ends up finding:

How Long Does A Bathroom Remodel Take?

The normal bathroom remodel timeline is between 3 and 6 weeks. This includes everything from demolition to the final touchups. How long it takes to remodel a bathroom depends on the size and how complex the project is.
Sketching a bathroom remodel as it comes to life

Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

  • Demolition is usually 1 to 2 days
  • Framing (if needed) usually takes 1 day
  • Plumbing is 1 to 2 days
  • Electrical and HVAC is 1 day
  • Insulation can take a few hours 
  • Inspections take 2 days
  • Drywall takes 3 days 
  • Tiling is between 5 and 8 days
  • Trim and vanity installation can take 1 day
  • Countertop installation take 2 to 3 hours 
  • Installing all plumbing fixtures takes 1 day
  • Installing all electrical fixtures and electrical trim takes 1 day
  • Painting takes between 2 and 3 days
  • Final love touchups take 1 to 2 days


This is just an average bathroom remodeling timeline. There are factors that can extend the timeline.

What Lengthens The Timeline

Size is one of the biggest factors. Larger bathrooms take more time because there’s more of just about everything to do. Smaller bathrooms can take a while too. This is because you can only fit one or two people at a time.

Getting ready to paint is one of the final steps in the bathroom remodeling timeline

Then comes complexity. Complexity pretty much means the more work there is to do the more time a bathroom remodel will take.

Materials are huge for this. The harder your materials are to find the longer it’ll take to get them. For example, glass shower door lead time takes about 10 business days from the moment the tile is ready for measurements.

Damages can also make projects more complex. Any damages need fixing before the project can continue. Otherwise, the damages will get worse and affect the look of your new bathroom.

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“So, we might be able to fit it in,” Jessica says slowly. Will nods a bit. “It’s possible, but it depends on our project and who we hire. Let’s see what else we might want to know.”