How Long Can It Take A Good Contractor To Build A Deck?

This Is How Long Most People Can Expect It To Take For A Contractor To Build A Deck They Can Love Using

Knowing how long a home improvement project can take can lower the amount of stress people feel. It can take away from the stress of the unknown!

In this post, you can find out how long it can take to build a deck. You can also discover some of the main reasons it can speed up or slow down.

How Long Can It Take To Build A Deck?

It can take anywhere from one week to a month to build a deck. The timeline mainly changes based on the square footage, deck height, the project site, additions or upgrades, and the weather.

A basic deck can take about a week to build. This kind of deck is usually ground-level and on the smaller side.

An average deck can take 2 to 3 weeks to build. This kind of deck is a bit bigger and might be raised up to a couple of feet off the ground.

A high-end deck can take a month or so to build. This is a large deck and might be raised to the second story.

The 5 Main Reasons A Deck Building Timeline Can Change

  1. Total square footage. Bigger and smaller decks take a different amount of time to construct. The more deck you want the more time it takes to put together. It’s more work which takes more time. Smaller decks are quicker because they take less work.
  2. Deck height. Higher and lower decks have different timelines for building. Higher ones have a different building process that takes longer. Lower ones are much easier and thus can be built quicker.
  3. The project site. The ground affects deck building more than people think. Flat, even ground needs less preparation and work than sloping, uneven ground. The flatter the ground the easier it is to work with and thus the faster it is to build a deck.
  4. Additions or upgrades. This can include stair lights, railing lights, better materials, a covering, and more. They all add to the enjoyment you can get from your deck, and also the timeline.
  5. Weather. Working in rain or bad weather isn’t good for anyone. We don’t want to give you anything less than an amazing deck, which can happen if we work in bad weather. The ground is hard to work with, tools get slippery, and more. So, if there’s bad weather, we can’t work.

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