How To Best Prepare And Cook During A Kitchen Remodel

These Are A Few Ways People In Atlanta Eat During Their Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen in the middle of a remodel

How to eat and cook during a kitchen remodel isn’t the easiest, but when you see your new kitchen it’ll be worth it!

In this post, you can find ways people eat and cook during a kitchen remodel.

I Feel Like We’re Missing Something…

“For our upcoming kitchen remodel?” asks Will.

Jessica nods, a frown forming on her face. “Yes. I mean, we have everything planned out, the contractor’s coming next week, but I can’t get rid of this feeling…”

Will tilts his head as he thinks. “Well, how are we going to cook during the kitchen remodel? We probably also need to find out how to prepare for a kitchen remodel.”

Jessica snaps her fingers, frown disappearing. “That’s it! Good thinking, Will. We better see what other people did during their remodels. I’d rather not eat out for however long a kitchen remodel takes.”

Will nods as he takes his phone out. “Let’s start Googling! The sooner we get some answers the easier this remodel will be on us.” Jessica nods back and starts looking too.

Here are some of the options the couple finds:

How To Prepare For A Kitchen Remodel


Create a kitchenette. One of the rooms in your home is about to become a tiny kitchen:

  • Bookshelves can hold dishes, silverware, and cookware
  • A table can become a countertop
  • The bathroom sink can double as a kitchen sink
  • Move the microwave and other moveable cooking appliances (like InstaPots) here
  • Foldable chairs and tables can create an eating area (it’s a good idea to put something under the table to catch any spills)

Meal prep. Cook, freeze, and microwave with ease. Your refrigerator will still be plugged in, so you can freeze any meals you make. This is when people start meal planning. It may be helpful to look at what cooking appliances you have and plan your meals around what you have.

Moving the refrigerator. Your life will be so much easier if you can have at least your refrigerator plugged in somewhere (we’ll move it and plug it in for you). Then you can meal prep and store leftovers.

Family out to dinner

Budget for restaurants and deliveries. Cooking in a non-kitchen kitchen can be stressful. There are times when people don’t want to use it and decide to eat out or order in. Having a budget set aside for this can help make things less stressful.

Mental prep. Cooking takes longer and is harder in makeshift kitchens. It’s a different process that needs more frequent cleaning. It may help to go into this expecting things to not work out how you planned them. But, you’ll make it just like all the other people who remodeled their kitchens did!

Buy plenty of snacks. Snacks are great for when meals take longer than normal. They keep people from being hangry (angry because they’re hungry).

Learn how to use your cooking appliances. Figuring out how to use an InstaPot when you still have a kitchen is way less stressful. You can cook on the side so if something goes wrong you’ll still have food. It’s a lot harder to do this in a small makeshift kitchen.

How To Eat During A Kitchen Remodel

Grilling food
  1. Order food in
  2. Eat out at restaurants
  3. Microwavable meals (including pre-cooked meals you make and frozen meals)
  4. Make no-cook meals like salads
  5. Grill if it’s warm enough
  6. Cook enough for leftovers
  7. Rent a modular kitchen

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“We should go ahead and start planning out our meals,” suggests Jessica. Will nods in agreement. “Let’s do that and see what else we can find out about kitchen remodels.”