This Is The Best Kitchen Remodeling Checklist With A Timeline

This Is The Checklist And Kitchen Remodeling Timeline Every Contractor In Atlanta Should Follow

New modern kitchen after following the kitchen remodeling checklist and timeline

This Is The Checklist And Kitchen Remodeling Timeline Every Contractor In Atlanta Should Follow

But First…

“But first what? Let’s go ahead and get this kitchen remodel going,” says Jessica.

“But first, we need to do some prep research. Like looking at a kitchen remodel timeline and how to remodel a kitchen,” says Will.

Jessica sighs and crosses her arms. “Yeah, it’d be good to know those things. Like if it takes a month to remodel a kitchen.” Will nods. “I’d love to go ahead and jump on in, too, but this is probably the smarter move. We’ll need to find kitchen remodelers near us, too.” He pulls out his phone and starts searching on Google.

Here’s what he finds and shows to Jessica:

Kitchen Remodeling Checklist And Timeline

Remodeling a kitchen starts with tearing everything down and out. Much of the time plumbing, electrical, and other elements need repair or rerouting. Then comes adding in the cabinets, countertops, flooring, fixtures, appliances, and painting. The final step is any touch-ups.

Newly remodeled kitchen with warmer color cabinets
Here are the parts for how to remodel a kitchen put into a timeline and checklist format:
  1. Demolition – usually one to two days
  2. Framing – usually one day if needed
  3. Plumbing- 1 day
  4. Electrical and HVAC – 1 day
  5. Insulation- a few hours
  6. Inspections – 2 days
  7. Drywall- 3 days
  8. Trim and cabinets installation- two to three days
  9. Countertop- from the template take off to the installation day it should take about a week
  10. Backsplash – 2 days
  11. Flooring if needed- three to four days
  12. Install all plumbing and electrical fixtures – 2 days
  13. Appliances installation – 1 day
  14. Painting – one to two days
  15. Final love touch-ups
Following this kitchen remodeling checklist and timeline, the total time it can take is between 27 days and 31 days. This is if nothing comes up like change-orders or having to repair damages.

What Can Change The Timeline

There are several different factors that can lengthen the time it takes to remodel a kitchen.

Kitchen remodeling timelines and costs are different for small kitchens like this

Size is one of the biggest. Larger kitchens need more time and materials. Smaller kitchens can be a hassle if it’s hard to move around in.

Complexity is huge too. The more there is to do, and the harder it is to do, the longer it’ll take to remodel your kitchen.

Materials can also change the kitchen remodeling timeline. The harder your materials are to find the longer it’ll take to get them. If you make a change-order it’ll take longer to get the new material.

Then there are damages. Any damages need fixing before moving on.

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“So we might not have our kitchen for about a month if we get it all done at once,” points out Jessica. “I guess so,” sighs Will. “While we’re here, let’s see what else we might want to know about kitchen remodeling.”