3 Popular Kitchen Remodel Trends And Ideas In Atlanta

See What People In Atlanta Are Doing To Their Kitchens For 2020 And Beyond

Newly remodeled kitchen with warmer color cabinets

A few kitchen remodel trends clients are having us do to their homes include warmer colors, open shelving, slab backsplashes, and more.

Find out the rest and see some pictures below-

Time For An Update

“Update? You mean, like, for our phones?” Jessica asks in confusion.

Will laughs a bit and shakes his head. “No, I mean for our kitchen. We’ve had the same style since we moved in. I think it’s about time to update the look. What do you think?”

Jessica gasps and smiles. “I love that idea! There are so many good trends I’ve seen, but I don’t know how much it’ll cost to remodel the kitchen with them. Do you want to see a few of my favorites?”

Will nods as Jessica picks up her phone. She looks up kitchen remodel trends and ideas on Google.

Here are some of the more popular ones for the Atlanta area:

Popular Kitchen Trends And Ideas For Atlanta

The popular kitchen trends in 2020 include warmer colors like brown and stained kitchen cabinets. Slab backsplashes are in, as well as open shelving. Steel and glass hoods are a great choice for over stoves. Gravity-defying islands are definitely the coolest new kitchen design idea.

Smaller kitchen with some new kitchen remodeling trends and ideas

Warmer colors can make a house feel more like home. It’s one of the reasons people love hardwood floors! This is why people are staining their kitchen cabinets more and using warmer colors.

Move over subway tiles, stone slab backsplashes are taking over for kitchens. While it doesn’t have to be actual natural stone, the look is definitely pleasing.

Open shelving is one of the most useful kitchen trends and ideas for 2020. You won’t have to play hot and cold to get a guest to the right cabinet for glasses or plates anymore. Plus, everything is easier to reach and find!

Kitchen remodeled with popular kitchen designs and trends

Hoods are the new kitchen trend for protecting your cabinets. The hot steam can wear down any paint and stain plus it can damage any bare wood. Hoods help prevent this and they can look good doing it.

Gravity-defying islands are an amazing new trend for kitchens. It joins to the ground on one side and the rest just, floats. It’s a great style for modern kitchens.

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“These ideas are great! And they look really nice, too,” Will says. Jessica smiles. “I’m glad you like them! Why don’t we pick out a few and see what else we can find on kitchen remodeling?”