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The kitchen is one of the most used and most loved rooms in a home, so it should get the most attention and most amount of care.

Imagine moving the sink to an island and opening up an entire wall. Now you can see the faces of your guests when they’re in the dining room, with everyone entertaining together.

Your open space can flood with natural light shining in from a wide window and illuminate the space where you’re laughing and creating new memories.

It’s a feeling that’s bound to uplift your mood to start the day and help you keep it throughout.

Featured Client Story

Happy clients are the driving force behind any business. We cherish and trust ours so much that we’ll let their words speak for us.

Jacquelyn and Ben



See how EV Remodeling wow-ed this Atlanta homeowner with their  experience, professionalism, and communication. 

After extensive research and months of planning for their ambitious renovation project, Jacquelyn and her husband were amply prepared for their kitchen transformation with EV Remodeling. They opted not to use a designer and made most of the decisions themselves, but comfortably relied on Eli’s recommendations and guidance when needed. 

“Eli and I were in regular communication about the project most business days. His level of engagement and responsiveness earned our trust early on.”

Throughout the project, Eli’s team impressed Jacquelyn with their punctuality and efficiency. The crew maintained a clean and organized workspace, so their home never felt like a chaotic construction site.

To their delight, the project was completed a full week ahead of schedule and within budget. Now, Jacquelyn and her husband enjoy their stunning, high-end kitchen, thanks to EV Remodeling.

"This team is our top contender for additional reno work in our home. For these reasons and more, we highly recommend EV Remodeling, Inc. and Eli Vaknin for your next home remodeling project."

The stories behind our success – real words from real clients sharing their experiences and the magic that happens when dreams meet dedication.

The EV Remodeling Process

Four easy steps designed with you in mind and to make your whole home remodel worry-free.

1. Start With A Call
We'll talk about your project and schedule an in-house consultation to go over specifics.
2. Design Your Vision
We'll work together with an architect of your choice and design your vision as a team.
3. Start Your Project
We transpose the digital into reality and get to work building your space.
4. Live Your Vision
After we do a post-job walkthrough together, you'll be able to revel in the experience of having the home of your dreams.

Kitchen Remodeling Pricing

Large projects can get overwhelming fast. That’s why we focus on making the whole process transparent and clear upfront. This removes any headaches and prevents potential setbacks down the road.

Starting Kitchen Remodel

Premium Kitchen Remodel

Luxury Kitchen Remodel

Incredible Value, Transparent Pricing

Making our prices transparent ensures you the peace of mind that there are no hidden costs down the road.

From day one, there is constant communication and we consult together from start to finish.

We’ll go through the whole process together. If you need an architect, work permits, or advice on the right materials and features, Eli will always be there to pick up the phone.

The prices presented should be used as averages and as a rough guideline.

Most price differences are set by the materials, finishes, and options that you pick.

Feel free to send in a quote request and we’ll go over the specifics of your project.

Our Kitchen Remodeling Work Speaks For Itself

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Gwen rated us


for full house remodeling project


“After hours of research and meeting with several contractors, I hired Eli to turn my existing home into my dream home

Several walls were removed to create an open plan between the kitchen and living room, to enlarge the master suite, and to provide a new powder room. 

The finished product is beautiful and everything that I envisioned for the project. However, what made the experience even better was the ease and pleasure of working with Eli and his team

I have already recommended the company to family and friends; and I look forward to working with him again on more of my projects in the future.”

Pilar Plata rated us


for kitchen, bathroom, and family room project


“From the first time I spoke with Eli on the phone, I knew we had found the best person for our project

The kitchen, bathrooms and family room he built for us are exactly what we wanted

Eli understood exactly what we had in mind and worked hard to make sure everything met our quality standards and stayed within our budget

He got the style we were going for and brought great ideas to us to make it a reality. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Eli for our next project.”

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