9 Best Master Bathroom Must Haves For People In Atlanta

These Are The Ideas Our Clients Around Atlanta All Want For Their Master Bathrooms

A newly remodeled luxury master bathroom

It’s always a good idea to see what other people are doing for their homes. You can build on their ideas and create something unique and amazing!

In this post, you can see some of the master bathroom essentials your neighbors are getting. You can also find out why they want them so badly.

What Are The Essentials?

“What are the master bathroom essentials?” asks Will to confirm.

Jessica nods. “Exactly. We’re finally in our dream home, some things just need…changing. If we’re going to be remodeling our bathroom then it needs to be as close to perfect as possible.”

Will nods back, smiling. “Sounds about right to me. We definitely need a bathroom that functions better for our needs. At least it’s already a good size for a master bathroom.”

Jessica unlocks her phone. “Let’s do a Google search and see what kind of ideas we can find.” Will gets his phone out to do the same.

Here’s what the couple finds online:

Master Bathroom Must Haves

New master bathroom idea with the shower and bathtub being in the same wetroom
  1. Large shower area
  2. Shower niche
  3. Shower bench
  4. Lineear drains
  5. Mirror lighting
  6. Floating vanities
  7. Smaller soaking tubs
  8. Temperature controlled pressure valves
  9. Bluetooth speaker exhaust fans

1. Large Shower Area

Master bathroom with chandelier

If there’s anything people love in their rooms it’s, well, room!

Large shower areas give plenty of just that. You won’t feel cramped or claustrophobic in a shower area of these sizes. 

2. Shower Niche

New shower with niche

Having to put toiletries on the ground or side of a tub is a thing of the past.

Shower niches keep your toiletries in a safer, easier to access, less wet area. You can also use a different design in them so they break up the uniformity of your shower.

3. Shower Bench

Shower with bench

This may be the ultimate relaxation addition for showers, making it a master bathroom must have.

Life is tiring, sometimes to the point where you just can’t seem to stand it. Shower benches are great for when you just need to sit down and relax while showering. 

4. Linear Drains

Master bathroom shower with bench and linear drain

Who wants their feet to take a bath while they’re showering?

Linear drains are way more effective at getting rid of water than other drain types. They also look a lot better than those circular drains.

5. Mirror Lighting

Master bathroom after remodel

It can be hard to get an accurate gauge of how you look when you have shadows on your face.

Mirror lighting can help get rid of this, making it one of the best master bathroom must haves! The lights go around the edge or behind the mirror. When you see yourself you’ll get an unshadowed, evenly lit view.

6. Floating Vanities

Newly remodeled bathroom with floating vanity

These are functionally and aesthetically pleasing.

With floating vanities, your feet will have all the room they need. No toe-stubbing, either. Plus, they look more modern and elegant than other vanity types.

7. Smaller Soaking Tub

Modern bathroom remodel with smaller soaking tub

For relaxation and resale value, smaller soaking tubs are one of the best master bathroom essentials.

They take less time to fill up and use less water plus they help the ROI on resale value. You can leave them separate or have them inside the shower area!

8. Temperature Controlled Pressure Valves

Let’s get rid of that “flushing the toilet changes the shower temperature” story.

Pressure balance types change the water pressure to keep the temperature the same. Thermostatic types keep the water temperature at whatever you pre-set it to.

9. Bluetooth Speaker Exhaust Fans

If you don’t want the white noise of the exhaust fan, here’s a great idea.

You can have a Bluetooth speaker built into the exhaust fan! Set up some music and add a little pizzazz to your routine.

2 Other Bathroom Ideas You May Want

You can also include a walk-in closet and heated flooring.

You May Also Like To Know

“I’m not sure which ones to choose,” says Jessica in awe. Will chuckles. “Why not have them all? While we talk about it, let’s see what other bathroom remodeling posts are on this blog.”