Beautiful Master Bathroom Remodel Before And After Pictures

These Are The Master Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Before And After Your Neighbors In Atlanta, Georgia Are Using To Update Their Home

Master bathroom after

Looking at before and after pictures is a great way to gauge how well a contractor can create your vision.

In this post, you can see what master bath remodel before and after pictures of projects that clients have hired EV Remodeling to help them do.

Our New To Us Home Needs A New Master Bathroom

“The rest of the house looks great, but our master bathroom…” says Will.

Jessica bobs her head. “I agree. The current master bathroom doesn’t look that great. But, we knew we’d be remodeling it to make it as amazing as the rest of our new home.”

Will hums as he thinks. “But, who are we going to find that can do what we want?” Jessica chews a nail absentmindedly. 

“Well, maybe we can start by looking at some master bathroom remodel before and after projects around here,” suggests Jessica. “Then we can get a feel for what they can do.”

“That’s a great idea!” says Will excitedly. “We might find some great master bathroom must-have ideas too. Let’s go ahead and start while we’re talking about it.” He fishes his phone out of his pocket and starts typing into Google search.

Here’s what the couple sees:

Master Bathroom Remodeling Before And After Pictures

Hot master bathroom design

These master bathroom before and after photos show you some of the current master bathroom design ideas. Clients had us use them to bring their bathrooms into the modern age.

Not only do they look better but they function better too. These clients can now enjoy better appliances in an atmosphere they find to be more relaxing. It’s easier and more fun to relax in a space you love the look and feel of.

Remodel #1

If this master bathroom remodel before and after doesn’t get your heart fluttering we don’t know what will! The marble-esque flooring, the combined shower-bathtub area, recessed lighting, shower niche, and more!

Master bathroom before remodeling
Master bathroom after remodeling

Remodel #2

This modern remodel gets rid of the wall separating the toilet and shower area from the vanity. There’s an updated shower, mirror edge lighting, a floating vanity, and a more modern tile and paint job.

Master bathroom before
Master bathroom after renovation

Remodel #3

This master bath remodel before and after shows a HUGE difference. The flooring, paint, shower/bathtub area, and almost everything else are updated.

Master bathroom remodel before
After remodeling a master bathroom

Bonus: Partial Bathroom Remodel

But you don’t have to remodel your entire master bathroom! The above pictures show a bathtub/shower area remodel a client had us do for them. It may be a partial remodel but it has a huge impact.

Bathtub and shower area before remodeling
New shower with niche

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“They just might fit the bill,” says Jessica. Will nods. “They may. Why don’t we poke around their blog a bit more and see what else they have to offer?” he suggests. Jessica nods and they get to digging.