What Is The Process Like When Working With EV Remodeling?

It’s Always Nice Knowing What It’s Going To Be Like When Working With Someone

Eli Vaknin, owner of EV Remodeling

No more mystery! In this post, you can find out what the experience is like when working with us from the first contact to the end of the project.

What’ll It Be Like?

“What, working with this home remodeler?” asks Will.

Jessica nods, a nervous look on her face. “I’m always anxious about working with a new contractor. Sure they may have great reviews and pictures, and that amazing full house remodel before and after, but what’s it like working with them?”

Will nods understandingly. “Yeah, it’s kind of a mystery about what the process is like working with most contractors. It’s a good thing this one isn’t like that.”

Jessica looks at Will in confusion. “What do you mean?” Will smiles. “Remember what we found? They explain what their process is and even give some details on it. Here, I’ll show it to you.”

Here’s what the couple sees:

What To Have And Do Before The First Call For An Easier Time

Picture of a bathroom before remodeling
Picture of a bathroom before remodeling
  • A general idea of what you want for your project
  • A budget range
  • Pictures of your space

Also, check out our website page for the service you want to use. They have great information like prices and pictures of work clients have had us do.

The 5 Step Process We’ll Be Going Through

Sketching a bathroom remodel as it comes to life
  1. Submit a contact form with pictures or give us a call
    • Pictures are great because we can get an idea of your space and what we can do with it
  2. We’ll have a phone call about your project
    • You and I can ask and answer questions until we both have an understanding of your project, your wants, and your needs
    • If it seems like we’re a good fit, we’ll schedule an in-house consultation
  3. In-house consultation
    • This is where we’ll go over your project in more detail. We’ll take measurements and answer any further questions you may have
    • You’ll also get a quote and scope of work
  4. Designing your project
    • We’ll work together with you and an architect of your choice to create the best vision for your space
    • We’ll take care of any permits your project may need
  5. Construction
    • We’ll help bring your vision to life in a timely manner

You May Also Like To Know

“How do you feel now?” asks Will. Jessica flashes him a smile. “Much better. It’s nice to know ahead of time so there aren’t any surprises. Do they have anything else like this that would be good to know?”