Remodeling vs Renovating And Why You'll Want To Know First

Learn The Difference So You Know Which You Want For Your Home In Atlanta

Newly remodeled house with an open concept kitchen living room dining room

The difference between remodeling vs renovating is purpose. Remodeling changes the entire room while renovating is more repairs and updates.

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What’s The Difference?

“In remodeling vs renovating? They’re the same, right?” answers Will.

“I have no idea,” replies Jessica. “Based on what I’ve heard people use them to mean the same thing. But there has to be a difference somewhere in there.”

Will scratches his beard as he thinks. “One sounds like it needs a lot more time and effort. Here, why don’t we look it up before we contact the kitchen remodelers near us?”

Jessica nods and pulls out her phone. “Let’s look it up on Google!” She starts typing as Will walks over to look on.

Here’s what the couple finds:

Remodeling vs Renovating A House

Living room after remodel

There are clear differences when it comes to remodeling vs renovating a house. Remodeling involves major changes to the look of a house or room. Additions are the largest remodeling projects. Renovating updates and repairs the room back to its original state.

Basically, renovations are more repair and update while remodels are more changing the entire look and feel.

What Remodeling Involves

Remodeling a room can change the layout, appearance, and even its function.

Other side of master bathroom before renovation
Master bathroom after remodel

Remodeling usually involves working on plumbing, electrical, drywalling, and other major changes. You may want to change the bathtub into a large shower or replace the kitchen cabinets. It could also include changing the extra bedroom into a home office.

You’ll need one or more permits to remodel your home too. This makes sure people follow proper building codes. This is some of what makes remodeling more expensive than renovating.

Here’s a full house remodel we did recently in Atlanta >>

What Renovating Involves

Renovating is mostly changing the appearance of certain parts of a room.

Painting walls, new flooring, and repairing damages are a few examples. Since it’s not a major change you don’t usually need permits. You can even DIY some renovations.

It’s a lot cheaper to renovate than it is to remodel.

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“Wow, that’s a bigger difference than I was led to believe,” says Jessica. “Sure is,” agrees Will. “Let’s see if this blog can answer any other questions we have.”