This Is The Best Master Bathroom Layout For The Modern Homeowner

Homeowners Are Asking For This Master Bathroom Design For Their Home In Atlanta

An example of one of the best layouts for master bathrooms

You deserve the best, so we’d like to share with you the current best for master bathrooms!

In this post, you can discover the popular, modern layout for master bathrooms. You can also see pictures of ones clients have had us build for them.

Do We Need To Change Anything?

“For our master bathroom remodel? Maybe…” says Will.

Jessica starts biting on her fingernail as she thinks. “If we’re going to do this, let’s do it right. That means using the best master bathroom layout. We do want to be more modern, right?” she asks.

Will nods as he gently pushes her hand down. “I couldn’t agree more, and we’re not biting our nails anymore, remember?” Jessica smiles and nods, taking his hand in hers.

“Then we need to look up what layout to use,” says Jessica. “Check the same place where we found the cost to remodel a master bathroom.” Will uses his other hand to wiggle his phone out of his pocket. Jessica watches as he starts searching for an answer on Google.

“Here’s something, and it has pictures too,” says Will. He angles the phone so Jessica can see too.

The Best Master Bathroom Layout

New master bathroom idea with the shower and bathtub being in the same wetroom

For modern homes, the best layout for master bathrooms is a wetroom that has a shower and bathtub in it, a single vanity with two sinks, and a toilet in a cut off area. You can also separate the vanities so each sink has it’s own space.

Why Is This The Best Master Bathroom Layout?

Hot master bathroom design

The wetroom idea is the most useful. The shower and bathtub being in the same area will keep the water in the area that’s supposed to be wet. No more spilling water all over the bathroom.

The single long vanity gives more storage space than separate ones. 

Having a toilet in a cut-off area gives you a sense of privacy. You’ll have a nice privacy wall between you and the door.

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“This made me want to look up more on master bathroom designs and see some more pictures,” says Jessica excitedly. “Let’s do it then!” says Will.