The Best Types Of Home Additions For You And Your Family

Find Out What Home Addition Options You Can Choose From For Your House In Atlanta

The types of home additions include full additions, room additions, bump-outs, sunrooms, garage conversions, and even remodels.

Find out more about these additions below-

Which Do You Want?

“Of the types of home additions? I don’t know, what are my options?” asks Jessica.

Will frowns as he thinks. “You know, I can’t remember all of them. I can remember full additions and room additions, but that’s about it.”

Jessica unlocks her phone. “Let’s look it up on Google. Actually, how about I do that and you can look up how much home additions can cost around Atlanta. Sound fair?” Will nods and gets out his phone to start looking.

Here’s what Jessica ends up finding out about home addition types:

6 Types Of Home Additions

The main types of home additions you can choose from include full additions, second story additions, bump outs/room additions, sunrooms, and garage conversions. You can also consider remodels to be home additions because they change the room entirely.

1. Full Addition

It’s like attaching a smaller house to your home.

Full additions have several rooms, much like a normal house. The difference is there isn’t usually a kitchen. You can build it skillfully enough to where it blends in with the original house.

It’s a long, complicated, and costly project, but the extra space is usually worth it.

2. Second Story Additions

You can also build up with your home addition.

Second story additions are just that- a second story. It’s a great addition if you don’t have a lot of space to build outward. It’ll take a lot of time and permits, but you’ll love the extra room to stretch out in.

3. Bump Out Or Room Addition

This type of home addition can add some much needed square footage.

You can bump out your kitchen, making more room for a kitchen island, cooking space, or whatever you need it for.

It’s more of a room addition if you add a bedroom or bathroom. These types of home additions are added onto the first floor.

4. Sunroom

This home addition is more natural, in a sense.

Sunrooms are rooms with large windows that let in a lot of natural light. They aren’t connected to the heating and cooling systems, though. It’s a nice way to enjoy the weather without being totally outside.

They’re easier to build than other additions, which makes them less costly too. If you do hook it up to the HVAC it becomes a four seasons room.

5. Garage Conversion

Turning the garage into a livable space counts as a home addition.

Whether it’s separated or attached to the house, you can make a garage a living space. It can become a small guest room or guest house (or even a man-cave).

6. Remodel

Remodels completely change the look or function of a room. Check out the transformation of the bathroom below.

Master bathroom before
Master bathroom after

This is why some people count remodels as one of the types of home additions. It can be like adding a whole new room inside your home.

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“Wow, we have a whole 6 to choose from! Which do you like?” asks Will. “I like them all, but I say we explore remodeling a bit more,” suggests Jessica.