What 5 Deck Ideas Are The Most Popular Near Me?

People Near You Are Using A Combination Of These Ideas When Designing Their Ideal Deck

You can use these ideas to jumpstart the process of creating your own ideal deck! Or you may find your perfect one is a combination of these ideas.

In this post, you can find 5 deck ideas popular with people near you, including several popular colors.

New deck with furniture centered around a fireplace

What Are Some Popular Deck Ideas?

1. Small Pool Built Into The Deck

You can bring a deck to your pool OR you can bring the pool to your deck.

You can build a small pool or even a hot tub into your deck. It’s a great way to save space and get the best of both worlds. What more could you want from a deck idea?

2. Covering For Your Deck

You can cover your deck with a pergola or roof.

Pergolas create a shadier area, making them great for going over grills or dining areas. You can string lights through it, have ivy climbing up the pillars, and run cloth through the top.

You can also have a solid covering. This deck idea makes decks great for use even when it rains! It also creates a more shaded area during those sunny days.

3. Deck Paint Colors People Love


This isn’t a bright, solid white (that would be blinding in the sun). Whitewash is a faded white that allows the characteristics of the wood to show through.


Whether it’s a bright, fiery red, or a faded red, reds are a popular paint color. It’s unique and eye-catching.


Earthy browns that have a wood feel to them are also popular. People who paint decks brown mostly do so because they love the color but don’t want the wood to show through as it would if it were a stain.


Grays are a nice, neutral color. It matches everything yet still manages to stand out from the background.


Beige is another more neutral color for decks. A popular style of beige is “greige”, or grayish beige.

4. Popular Deck Stain Colors


Cedar is a popular brown deck stain color. It fits almost any house color and landscape. It also doesn’t get as hot as other colors can.

Honey is another. The lighter tones of honey stains will show off the characteristics of any deck. It’s not the best color for wetter areas as it’ll dull quickly.


Redwood red is a beautiful stain color. The beautiful ruby red undertones make it a favorite. It works well with most color schemes. It also shows off the unique characteristics of the wood beneath it.


Many people want a more natural, rustic look for their deck. It shows off the grains and characteristics of the wood the most.

5. Fire Pit

You can also add a fire pit!

It’s a nice way to make your deck cozier, especially during the chillier months. Fire pits are a focal point, drawing people’s eyes. It’s a fun and unique deck idea!

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