What Is The Best Paint For Bathroom Walls, Cabinets, And More?

These Are The Paints Painters Say Are The Best For Lasting In Bathrooms

Bathrooms need certain paints that can last longer in high heat and humidity. Lesser paints can crack, peel, or fade too quickly.

In this post, you’ll discover the best paint for bathroom walls, bathroom ceilings, bathroom cabinets, bathroom countertops, bathtubs, and showers.

Painting bathroom tiles

Our Bathroom Paint Didn’t Last

“Well, this didn’t last very long,” sighs Jessica.

Will walks into the bathroom. “What didn’t?” Jessica points to the walls and cabinets. Will sighs. ”Wow, the paint really didn’t last very long. What kind of low-quality paint did they use?”

Jessica frowns. “I’m not sure, but obviously it wasn’t the best choice. We need to get this repainted. But, we need to make sure whoever does it uses the best paint for bathrooms.”

Will frowns too. “What is the best paint for bathrooms? I’m sure they have different ones for the different areas, like walls, cabinets, showers, etc.”

“Let’s look it up on Google so we can make sure they use the best,” suggests Jessica. Will nods, grabbing his phone so he can look.

Here’s what he finds:

What Is The Best Bathroom Paint?

The best paint for bathroom walls and ceilings is one that’s latex, mildew-resistant, and has a semi-gloss finish. For bathroom cabinets, it’s a glossy, one hundred percent acrylic enamel. For bathroom countertops, tubs, and showers, it’s a flat sheen epoxy.

What Is The Best Paint For Bathroom Walls And Ceilings?

The best paint for bathroom walls and ceilings is latex, is resistant to mildew, and has a semi-gloss or satin sheen.

This paint is easy to work with and doesn’t peel easily in high heat and humidity areas. Mildew-resistant means it’s harder for it to form. The semi-gloss and satin sheens make cleaning easier. They also don’t peel easily.

What Is The Best Paint For Bathroom Cabinets?

The best paint for bathroom cabinets is a glossy, one hundred percent acrylic enamel.

It adjusts as temperatures go up and down instead of cracking or peeling. It also doesn’t fade as easily as some other paints can.

What Is The Best Paint For Bathroom Countertops, Tubs, And Showers?

The best paint for bathroom countertops, bathtubs, and showers is epoxy paint with a flat sheen.

Epoxy is quite durable. It holds up better against heat and moisture than other paints. Flatter sheens are better because they’re less slippery.

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“And now we know what paint to make sure our painter uses,” says Will. Jessica nods. “Awesome. Let’s look around this blog some more. We might find more good info to know before we hire anyone.”