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Reconnect With Your Home

Loving your entire home is the cornerstone of successful remodeling.

It’s not just about improving aesthetics, but creating a space that truly resonates with you. Each corner holds memories and potential for new experiences.

A well-remodeled home harmonizes functionality, comfort, and personal style, enhancing your daily life. When you love every nook and cranny, it becomes a sanctuary that nurtures your well-being, fostering a sense of belonging and contentment.

So, whether it’s a cozy corner or a spacious living area, giving attention to every detail ensures a home that truly reflects your heart and soul.

Featured Client Story

Happy clients are the driving force behind any business. We cherish and trust ours so much that we’ll let their words speak for us.

Jill & Bart



This Atlanta couple went from needing serious structural reworking to having luxury design (within budget!)

The journey from fear of the unknown to the comfort of a beautifully remodeled home was marked by trust, communication, and collaboration. Jill and Bart’s satisfaction with the end result reaffirmed their decision to embark on this remodeling adventure.

I always felt with Eli he’s honestly a person, so when we started the project, it was going into the unknown. Our home is our largest investment. It’s something that I wanted to make sure that after the remodel, I loved.”

– the list goes on.

EV did the work on time, on budget and when there were change orders – they were billed fairly.

This was the best professional contractor experience I have had.

I truly could not have completed this project without EV.”

"We couldn't be happier with the end result. Our house feels like the home we've always wanted."

Eli’s commitment to delivering on the homeowners’ vision and their trust in his ability to do so were crucial elements of their successful collaboration. The project’s magnitude and inherent uncertainties required not just a skilled remodeler but a partner who could transform their vision into reality.

The stories behind our success – real words from real clients sharing their experiences and the magic that happens when dreams meet dedication.

The EV Remodeling Process

Four easy steps designed with you in mind and to make your whole home remodel worry-free.

1. Start With A Call
We'll talk about your project and schedule an in-house consultation to go over specifics.
2. Design Your Vision
We'll work together with an architect of your choice and design your vision as a team.
3. Start Your Project
We transpose the digital into reality and get to work building your space.
4. Live Your Vision
After we do a post-job walkthrough together, you'll be able to revel in the experience of having the home of your dreams.

Whole Home Remodeling Pricing

Large projects can get overwhelming fast. That’s why we focus on making the whole process transparent and clear upfront. This removes any headaches and prevents potential setbacks down the road.

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Luxury Whole Home Remodel

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Ronald McGuire rated us


for master & hall bathroom remodeling


“My experience with EV Remodeling was smooth and truly exciting.

Eli and his crew will make sure you are completely satisfied with every detail of your project.

The end result was beyond my expectations.

Not knowing exactly what I wanted, Eli introduced ideas that I had not thought of. Eli was a pleasure to work with and look forward to my future projects with EV Remodeling.

Without hesitation, I trust and would highly recommend EV Remodeling.”

Ozzie-Reese rated us


for remodeling project


Very good experience with EV Remodeling.

Owner Eli was very reliable and accurate in his estimates.

All work was completed on-time and in great quality.

Highly recommended for any remodeling project.”

Experience true craftsmanship from concept to completion