This Is What A Master Bathroom Is And How They Can Look

Find Out What Makes Up A Master Bathroom And What They Can Look Like

Master bathroom with chandelier

Here, you’ll find the answer to what is a master bathroom. You’ll also see what master bathrooms can look like. The pictures are from projects clients had us do when remodeling their master bathrooms.

What Is It Exactly?

“What is a master bathroom?” repeats Jessica.

Will nods. “Exactly. I mean, I kind of know because we have one that we use every day. But, what exactly separates them from other bathrooms?”

Jessica chews her nails as she thinks. “It’s like I can imagine what it is, and how they’re different from other bathrooms…but I can’t quite nail it down.” Will bursts out laughing. “Nail it down, while biting your nails, good one.”

Jessica looks up in surprise and chuckles. “Didn’t even mean to, haha. Anyway, let’s look up the definition and see what we can find. Maybe well learn a good size for master bathrooms too.”

Here’s what the couple finds out:

What Is A Master Bathroom?

Master bathroom with rain shower and picture window

A master bathroom has two sinks, a large shower, a toilet, and can have a bathtub. The sinks can be connected or be their own separate vanity. It’s usually a part of the largest bedroom, also known as the master bedroom. These bathrooms are usually the largest bathroom too.

Here are some other pictures (along with the other ones in this post) of master bathroom remodels clients around Atlanta have had us do for them:

Master bathroom after remodel
Hot master bathroom design
Newly remodeled bathroom

Other Bathrooms

Full bathrooms have a few key differences. Full bathrooms usually have one sink, a smaller shower, and a toilet. They are either a part of or near the smaller bedrooms.

Half-bathrooms are also known as hall bathrooms. They have a toilet and a sink. You usually find them near the other living spaces of a home.

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“It’s like they took the words right out of my brain and put them on this post,” says Will. “Exactly!” agrees Jessica. “I wonder if any of these other posts do anything like that.”